Cigar Lounges Around the World

Cigar Lounges Around the World

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For me, there are few greater pleasures in life than sitting back in a comfortable leather armchair, whiskey, rum or expresso coffee in hand, at one of my favourite cigar lounges in Bangkok (or elsewhere in Asia, for that matter). It’s a joy to be surrounded by people of all nationalities, or even to sit in solitude, absorbed by your thoughts, enjoying a quality handmade cigar.

It’s not only the cigar itself; it’s a combination of many factors, such as the private time, and the sharing of good conversation, fellowship and drinks. The ambiance of the lounge is complemented by the friendships we build with like-minded people, all sharing a common passion for hand-rolled cigars.

I’ve had the pleasure of travelling to many parts of the world, and meeting many interesting people. I’ve encountered people from all backgrounds, of all colours and creeds at cigar lounges, lounges both large and small, private and public, all with one common purpose – to offer us a place where we can enjoy our cigars.

The cigar industry is well serviced by numerous quality-cigar manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, as well as a number of top-quality informative cigar magazines. Those of us who enjoy quality hand-rolled cigars have many choices when it comes to suppliers of our favourite brands. And most of us know where to buy our favourite cigars thanks to the power of the Internet.

Cigar Aficionados are Travelling More These Days!

The world is not a global village when it comes to cigars; every country has its own restrictions and laws relating to purchasing cigars, cigar lounges, cigar-smoking locations, etc.

Recently, I travelled to Vancouver, Canada on a 3-day business trip. After checking in at a well-known Downtown 5-star hotel, I contacted the customer service centre, asking where the nearest cigar lounge was. I was surprised to be told that in Vancouver there are no lounges – and no clubs that allow cigar smoking.

Even the local Downtown cigar reseller told me that the best place to enjoy my cigar would be a public park across the way from my hotel. Naturally, I didn’t go to the local park to smoke a $50 Cuban cigar. Not a great idea, for many reasons.

I found this particularly strange as Vancouver is one of very few cities in the world to allow marijuana smoking, and has numerous marijuana shops in its central business district. This approach is very confusing for a person like me, who grew up in a country that still jails individuals for even possessing weed.

Asia is Still Very Cigar-Friendly

On the other side of the coin, Asia, and particularly Bangkok, is a fabulous location for cigar connoisseurs. We have numerous clubs throughout all Southeast Asian countries; most are well fitted out, have friendly and informative staff, and are conveniently located in the major cities. Asia is a treasure trove for the travelling cigar connoisseur!

Cigar Lounges are the Glue that Binds Us Together!

Without question, cigar lounges are an integral part of the “cigar industry”. They are the places we meet; they are the places we enjoy and learn more about cigars, and they are the places where we develop contacts and friendships. Perhaps most importantly, they are places where we can enjoy our cigars without affecting non-smokers. This final aspect is incredibly relevant in a world which is becoming more sensitive regarding the use of tobacco-based products in public places.

Smokers of hand-rolled luxury cigars form an extremely small community. And it’s fair to say that our community is not well understood or appreciated by the majority of the world’s population – who don’t enjoy or share in our passion.

Smoking rules and regulations are getting more complex in many countries, and regretfully, cigar smoking is lumped together with cigarette smoking. Fair or not, this is a fact in most countries and will remain the case for years to come. This is a major reason why our cigar lounges are so important, and a reason why we should all support them, both at home and abroad.

CigarLoungesUnited encourages You to Support Cigar Lounges and Clubs

At Cigar Lounges United, we firmly believe that cigar smokers, aficionados and connoisseurs should support cigar lounges and clubs. Put simply, they are the “glue that holds the industry together”.

As we travel more, and as individual countries rapidly change laws relating to cigar smoking, we feel it’s beneficial to list the cigar lounges and clubs based all around the world. Our aim is to ensure that you’ll always know of a perfect place to enjoy your cigars, and a place to meet others who share your passion when you travel.

We’re working hard to list as many lounges as we know. Naturally, as Cigar Lounges United is based in Asia our combined knowledge is Asia-centric, but we are gathering more information on lounges in Europe and North and South America, so we ask for your help to expand our list. If you know a good cigar lounge, please let us know; we would be happy to list it here on CigarLoungesUnited.